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Rain or Shine


Our hiking program is open to all friendly NYC dogs ready to let loose and unleash their full potential! Grant your dog the opportunity to be a dog and experience the wonderful outdoors outside of city streets. To run, play, swim, and Shape Up the best way they know how – the way they were naturally intended. Our hiking program provides our dogs an outlet to individually express themselves in their element and natural habitat. All hikes take place in beautiful trails within 1 hour of NYC. We offer different packages and levels based on your dog’s fitness abilities and temperament.


Your dog (s) will be picked up in the morning between 9am-11am and driven to our beautiful designated trail of the day! All dogs are seat belted the entire drive. Your dog will run, hike, and socialize for 3+ hours depending on the type of service offered that day. We incorporate leash training and socialization into every run and hike! All dogs will be on leash unless requested otherwise. Traffic and destination dependent, you can expect your happy, tired and totally relaxed pup home between the hours of 4:00 and 6:00 p.m.

Consistency Is Key

City life can be ruff for our furry friends! 

Our Walk & Train service is an immersive one on one learning experience, individually designed to cater to your pup’s needs. Walk & Train’s combine exercise, structure & exposure in a controlled environment.

We incorporate positive reinforcement training techniques into the walks to help our pack members better adjust to city life. Familiarity, consistency, & generalization are key ingredients to raising a confident & well rounded pup - one that will thrive both inside & outside the city! 

Offered Wednesday's exclusively to our pack members.

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Certified KPA Training Partner

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Improve the communication between you and your pup with our one on one private training sessions in the comfort of your own home! Promote a happy and peaceful living environment using positive reinforcement clicker training- scientifically proven to be the safest and most effective method of training. We specialize in socialization and off-leash training, instilling in your pup foundational skills needed to enroll in our hiking program! 

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