Showing Your Pup A Different Kind Of Love

Whether your dog is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced athlete, we will safely administer fitness sessions based on your dog's athletic ability, energy levels, and individual needs. Just like personal training for humans, setting goals for your Pup should be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. 



We do fitness the RIGHT way! We offer different hikes for different fitness levels Monday-Friday. Your dog's starting point and fitness journey with Shape Up Your Pup will depend on his/her current fitness level, which will be assessed and categorized during the consultation visit. 



We specialize in weight loss and maintenance for obese or overweight dogs by customizing progressive fitness programs, which promote optimum health and longevity.


Just like humans, all dogs are different and progress at different paces. It is essential to ease all dogs, but especially overweight dogs, into any fitness program. For this reason, we cater to your dog's pace, pairing him/her with other dogs that have a similar fitness level and temperament to ensure a safe, fun and memorable experience!


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