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Showing Your Pup A Different Kind Of Love

We do fitness the RIGHT way!

Whether your dog is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced athlete, we will safely administer fitness sessions based on your dog's athletic ability, energy levels, and individual needs - assessed & categorized during a scheduled meet & greet. We cater to your dog's pace, pairing them with other dogs that have a similar fitness level and temperament to ensure a safe, fun and memorable experience for all!

The safety and well being of our pack members is our absolute top priority. Our transport SUV is spacious and fully dog equipped with individual seat belt attachments, a doggy step for safe entry/exit, and a safety gate.


We provide every pack member with our superiorly accurate satellite based GARMIN GPS tracking devices. We also provide bear bells, high quality treats, a gallon of water daily, and a thorough body check/tick check and paw check post hike. We carry our supplies and first aid kits with us on the trails!

Dog owners can expect a streamline of photos and videos after each adventure + a report card outlining how your dog did each day!

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