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Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Certified

Certified Personal Trainer

Pet CPR+ & First Aid Certified





Tamara discovered her passion for dogs at a very young age, always knowing that a career working with dogs was the end goal. Through growing up with dogs, volunteering at local shelters, and working with dogs professionally for over a decade, Tamara has gained valuable experience and unique skills. 

Coming from a background in the fitness industry as a Certified Personal Trainer, Tamara founded Shape Up Your Pup with a creative vision of combining her love for fitness & Fido, while providing daily access to the great outdoors for city dogs.

Tamara’s ability to read animal behavior and understand pack mentality enabled her to seamlessly develop a well thought out dog hiking and training company, concentrating on providing socialization, mental stimulation, and structured play for NYC dogs.

Tamara is a Certified Training Partner and graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy, where she completed both the Foundations and Dog Trainer Professionals courses. She specializes in positive reinforcement based clicker training and off-leash training. 

Meet The Team

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Lead Hiker & Trainer

Alex discovered her deep love for animals through having grown up with dogs all her life. She is an animal rights activist, spreading awareness and knowledge.

Alex has volunteered at animal shelters for 6 years, and parented three beautiful dogs she herself rescued from shelters. 

Alex is a volunteer teacher of dog handling and behavior evaluation. Her admirable skill set and keen understanding of animal behavior make her a valued and qualified member of our team. Alex is an avid hiker and marathon runner. It does not get better than that! Alex loves a good challenge, and couldn't be a more perfect fit! 



Trainer & Walker

Justine is a lifelong lover of all animals. Her skill set and expertise is unique, as she provides care taking for animals ranging from dogs to reptiles. Justine is a CPDT - KA certified dog trainer, AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and Animal Reiki Practitioner. Her many years of experience in dog training and handling make her a perfect fit for our team. 


Lead Hiker & Trainer

Lindsey is a lifelong dog owner, hiking adventurer, and dancer. She spent 15 years hiking peaks all over the US with her four-legged companion. Lindsey has immeasurable hands on experience and impeccable leadership skills. The level of care and attention provided to our pack by Lindsey is a true testament to her expertise, kindness and character.  

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Lead Hiker & Trainer

Ani's unconditional love for dogs is deep rooted and ingrained in who she is. Dog training and continued learning are her life’s main focuses & drive. She is a CPDT - KA Certified Dog Trainer, and dog mom to a very well trained Aussie Doodle. She is a “think outside the box” problem solver, and never shies away from a challenge. Ani’s connectivity to nature and our pack is state of the art. Her years of experience in training and handling make her a perfect fit. 


Lead Hiker

Mahlon is an avid hiker and experienced dog handler. She has a strong love for animals, fitness and the great outdoors. She is a dog mom to a delicious pup, Lola, and brings her nurturing, caring and compassionate attributes to hike days with our pack! 

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