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Shape Up Your Pup

Dog Hiking & Training Services

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    One Team, One Dream

Shape Up Your Pup dedicates itself to redefining what health, happiness and well being means to you and your beloved pup! Whether your dog is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced athlete, we will safely monitor your dogs individual needs and progress.

Join our mission in revolutionizing fitness for dogs, bringing home to your door a happy, well-balanced pup, and a smile to your face!


Happy Dog, Happy Life

Is your dog getting enough enrichment? Lets face it, enriching our 4-legged friends in the Big Apple is no easy feat. More frequently than not, a walk on asphalt just doesn’t cut it.


We believe the key to a happy & healthy dog is regular enrichment - granting our dogs the opportunity to socialize, explore & experience nature as part of a thriving pack. Dogs crave adventure & embody an innate need to engage in activities that satisfy them mentally, physically & emotionally. Through fulfilling this need, you as a dog owner are setting your dog(s) up to lead calm, well balanced lifestyles. Dogs that do not receive enough stimulation tend to find other ways to enrich themselves, often time resulting in undesired behaviors.

Our NYC Dog Hiking Program gives your dog just what they need to live their best lives, giving you comfort & peace of mind!

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Shape Up Your Pup is a New York City based dog hiking service, offering full-day country escapes for NYC dogs seeking adventure, fitness & fun outside of city streets!

Weekly dog hikes are led by our highly trained team, comprised of dedicated dog lovers, avid hikers, & dog professionals. 

We provide a personal & intimate hiking experience for our pack members, ensuring individualized care & attention. 

Each dog pack is carefully selected based on temperament & fitness ability to encourage the best of chemistry & life-long friendships!

Offered Monday - Friday of each week.


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